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Core Solutions


The marketplace is changing quickly. These changes often require core platform customization. Circumstances dictate that flexibility is the key to success in providing core processing services. The use of open, common programming protocols enables maximum flexibility for changes.

Symitar takes this technological challenge very seriously and we have created a tool that both Symitar programmers and credit union IT departments can use. This tool, called PowerOn, places control directly in the hands of credit unions. They can modify their Episys core processing systems in a multitude of ways. Institutions can, for example, design and create data screens, create user-defined inquiries for data mining, automate tasks, develop interfaces with other systems, and integrate data from multiple sources.

These changes are made within the structure and protection of the core system, but independent of the core code. The goal is to give credit unions maximum freedom to adapt the core platform to their requirements. Most of the customization created with PowerOn falls into one of six areas:

  • Data integration
  • Workflow scripting
  • Peripheral integration
  • Data entry and transaction validation
  • Email generation
  • NetTeller Online Banking customization

  • Product Briefs
    PowerOn Marketplace®

    PowerOn enables credit unions to enhance their Episys® core systems. Users can customize Episys so it performs operations that they want in a way that they prefer. The PowerOn Marketplace is an online community where you can find or offer customized solutions. Credit unions, vendors, and CUSOs can submit solutions.

    Enables virtually unlimited Episys® customization

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