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Core Solutions

Symitar® EASE™

With Symitar EASE, the outsourced delivery model of our Episys core processing platform, credit unions benefit from Symitar’s extensive infrastructure and sophisticated processing environment. EASE lets credit unions eliminate both the capital expenditures required for in-house installations and the need for employee resources to operate and manage in-house hardware and software. In addition to providing secure access to the Episys core data processing platform, Symitar EASE incorporates the latest in blade server and SAN-based data storage technology.

EASE provides credit unions the ability to focus on their core competencies with seamless access to advancing technology, strict regulatory compliance, and ongoing access to industry, technology, and security experts. Using EASE, credit unions can quickly introduce new member- and market-driven products and services. They also have on-demand access to more than 50 integrated complementary products and services. Additionally, an outsourced deployment means that credit unions receive the full benefit of ongoing, client-driven enhancements to the Episys processing system.

  • Case Study
    Symitar's EASE® -Duke University Case Study
    “It’s been our philosophy that core processing is core processing – it functions to let the organization operate,” said G. Lee Fogle, Duke University FCU’s CEO. “The core system needs an expert team behind it, but it makes sense to outsource that team to allow our staff to focus their efforts on peripheral systems and services, and more product-driven initiatives.”
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