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Business Intelligence & Financial Performance

Advanced Reporting for Credit Unions™ (ARCU)

Flexible data warehousing and reporting solution

ARCU offers a flexible, expandable data warehouse framework to meet the current and future information requirements of Episys users. The database component incorporates Episys® standard fields, transactions, calculated fields, tracking records, and key help files. The reporting component leverages industry standard tools to deliver well designed prebuilt reports and "at a glance" report parts across a broad range of categories.

Designed for incremental development, ARCU grows with Episys modules, annual enhancements, and other data sources as they are added. ARCU’s "out of the box" reports provide the content and context necessary for monitoring and measuring key business drivers. Concise matrices and charts are delivered as reusable report parts -- allowing end users to easily create customized, user defined dashboards. Summary and detailed reports provide the appropriate information to various users within your credit union. Prebuilt, automated alerts notify managers when performance indicators are above or below expectations.

Core compatibility: Episys

What It Does

  • Pre-maps Episys fields.
  • Offers the ability to load third party and custom data.
  • Supports incremental growth from new Episys modules and annual enhancements.
  • Offers role-based Microsoft Windows integrated security.
  • Groups data logically to enhance reports.
  • Uses industry standard tools to deliver well designed prebuilt reports.
  • Delivers high-level summary reports and charts with drill down and drill through to details.
  • Combines information from multiple data sources.
  • Offers views of historical trends to provide insight to patterns.
  • Identifies data exceptions and data quality concerns.

What It Does For You

  • Incorporates visualization techniques into reports, which enables decision makers to absorb large quantities of information.
  • Combines third party and custom data with Episys data to improve analysis.
  • Improves visibility and tracking of key business indicators, which translates to executives reacting faster to the changing needs of their membership.
  • Focuses decision makers on areas that needs attention.
  • Offers analytical reports to help identify the highest potential risks without unduly penalizing the entire membership.
  • Reduces time spent gathering and interpreting data and more time spent enhancing or developing new products, services, and delivery systems.
  • White Paper
    Taming Big Data in the Credit Union

    There are competitive advantages for CUs that can successfully integrate big data. The ability to visualize and analyze disparate facts and see the big picture can provide a competitive advantage by helping gauge member needs and business trends.

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