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​Support growing small businesses with a turnkey accounts receivable financing program.

BusinessManager is a proven A/R financing program that enables banks to develop lasting, positive, and profitable relationships with small-to-medium-sized business customers. Creditworthy, yet cash constrained businesses can get cash for their accounts receivable every day by selling them to your bank at a discount on a full-recourse basis with a flexible cash collateral reserve. After more than two decades of growth in banks across all 50 states, BusinessManager remains the best known and most s​​ophisticated accounts receivable financing program available. Powered by the banking, technology, and business development experts at ProfitStars, BusinessManager can match each bank client with a sales and marketing professional to ensure the program's success.
BusinessManager provides a way to bank small businesses more profitably, offer a unique combination of funding and receivables management benefits, and help control the risks associated with funding accounts receivable. We can help you diversify your portfolio and move into markets like:
  • Wholesale
  • Energy
  • Staffing 
  • Manufacturing

What It Does

  • Allows your financial institution to purchase a company’s accounts receivable at a discount, giving the business immediate cash both initially and ongoing as new receivables are generated.
  • Enables your financial institution to establish a cash reserve for each company and monitors the account, sweeping excess reserves back to the business once a month.
  • Allows your financial institution to provide the business with key management reports on funded transactions, such as aged receivables and customer balances.
  • Enables your financial institution to receive payments through a lockbox and can send itemized monthly statements to the businesses customers.

What It Does For Me

  • Increases fee income.
  • Controls risk.
  • Allows your institution to work more effectively and profitably with the small-to-medium-sized business customers in your marketplace.
  • Helps your institution market and sell the program to existing and prospective customers with the help of a dedicated ProfitStars Business Development Manager.
  • Generates core deposits.​
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Create Profitable Long-Term Relationships with BusinessManager® A/R Financing

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