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Commercial Lending Center Suite

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​Decision Automation​

​Streamline the decision process and respond to funding requests in minutes 

Recent studies have shown that borrowers want the friendly local decisions and member service for which credit unions are known. At the same time, they are demanding faster decisions and more efficient methods of applying for credit. Some lenders have been reluctant to utilize technology to assist in the process of decision automation, fearing that the end result would be automated and impersonal decisions. Nothing could be further from the truth. A well-designed loan underwriting and decision system works to enhance all the strengths currently held by credit unions, while helping them to become more efficient.

Commercial Lending DecisionCenter™ helps automate the application and decision process, safely and securely. Attract local businesses to your loan products by providing a superior member experience, growing your portfolio in the process.

Decision automation uses web access and process automation to enable member business loan decisions in minutes so you can compete with online lenders. Multiple decision paths can apply instant decisions on small loans and perform analysis on the more complex. No re-keying of data is required. When working with existing members, save time by receiving instant access and verification right from your core system. Plus, it’s completely integrated with your sales and credit pipeline.

Streamlining the loan process with digital applications, financial packaging, and electronic signature will help your credit union stand out from the competition.

Financial spreading and analytics are delivered through a robust, industry-leading financial spreading module, and includes individual and global cash flows, personal and business tax return spreading, plus traditional balance sheets and income statements. Multiple spread models are supported, including general middle market, not-for-profit, hospital not-for-profit, contractor, and personal. Financial spreading is user-friendly and designed to limit mouse-use to speed data entry.

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Avoid inconsistent credit decisions, enhance decision speed and increase profitability with decision automation.​

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Relationships, Accuracy, Transparency, and Efficiency​

It's time to RATE the effectiveness of your business lending process​

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