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Commercial Lending Center Suite

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Digital Loan Lifecycle Management

A customized, seamless commercial lending experience that goes beyond 'end-to-end.'

The Commercial Lending Center Suite™ offers a relationship-based lending process that enables you to create, fund and manage business borrower relationships from one loan experience to the next. It was designed with both borrowers and lenders in mind, incorporating all-digital loan origination, decisioning and portfolio management workflows that save time, improve accuracy and improve the overall borrowing experience. See the steps here.

Key benefits include:

  • An enhanced experience for both the borrower and the lender with a digital loan application, simplified decision engine, and faster approval cycles.
  • Because the platform was built with integration in mind, disparate legacy systems can be leveraged for enhanced reporting and workflows like never before. See what's happening with each file, at any time, enhancing efficiency and transparency.
  • Lenders are able to leverage credit metrics specific to their institution so that qualified borrowers get a modern experience and staff gets the efficiency boost it needs to make loans more profitable.
  • Dashboard reporting with customizable metrics and activities can be tailored to the user, from executives to lenders to operations.
  • For smaller loans requiring fewer underwriting variables, leverage a streamlined decision process and deliver electronic documentation for e-signature or even make the leap to the optional automated approval engine.
  • Integration with Synergy Document Management™.
  • Powerful risk management tools, process automation, and business services that help monitor and manage commercial portfolios. ​
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Commercial Lending Center Suite Overview Brochure​

Build borrower relationships that continue beyond payoff
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