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Loan Marketplace 

Loan participations offer both risks and rewards. How can you master this market? 

The current annual loan trading volume in the U.S. is $500B - $1 Trillion, involving approximately 20,000 institutions and brokered entirely through personal networks over the phone. This system for loan trading and participation hasn’t changed for decades. What if you could access this market online - not only for trading but by placing deals in the market to be absorbed by others during a credit crisis?

With the Jack Henry Loan MarketplaceSM, you can now buy, sell, and participate loans utilizing a fully digital experience that’s at your fingertips 24/7. Loans can represent any lending asset class and be single transactions or pooled together. 

When you work with the Loan Marketplace, you can expect: 

Easy-to-Navigate Listings. Find exactly what you’re looking for by filtering across listings like asset class, product type, geography, loan amounts and counts, FICO, DTI, DSCR, and other credit metrics. 

Unbiased Access. Tap into opportunities from 1,000+ institutions in 50 states, representing a $2B+ market that includes all geographies, asset sizes, and institution types. 

Greater Liquidity and Loan Growth. Gain better access to the national secondary market with a real opportunity to manage loan portfolios more strategically. ​ 

Deal Notifications. Receive alerts whenever a trade hits the marketplace that matches up with your current needs. 

A Mobile-Friendly Platform. Easy access for scrolling through listings while on the go. 

Simple, All-Digital Trading and Selling – All in One Place 

Which means both transparency and efficiency
  • Every step in the process of buying, selling, or trading a loan has an audit trail. All communication via chat and conference calls are archived. 
  • Pricing and fees are transparent and visible to all relevant parties, whether buyer, seller, or participant. 
  • Includes direct access to counterparties – no broker needed. 
  • Eliminate chaos with centralized communication and transaction tools, and ensures flexibility to respond to any credit crises. 
  • Reduce document transfer from weeks to a day – sometimes minutes! 
  • Integrates with your Jack Henry core system. 
Using the Loan Marketplace, you’ll gain access to other parties that, like your institution, want to better manage their existing loan portfolio. Free your credit union from hidden transaction fees, limited access, and having to deal with a broker! ​ ​​​​​​​​​ ​
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​Loan Marketplace to assist banks and credit unions diversify assets and reallocate credit risk

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