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Commercial Lending Center Suite

Loan Origination

Digitize the Lending Origination Process

The Commercial Lending OriginationCenter™ is an all-digital, fully-integrated loan acquisition and origination system that automates lending processes from prospecting and sales to analysis, review, and approval for maximum efficiency in an increasingly competitive market. 

OriginationCenter creates a ‘paperless’ environment that tracks documents and exceptions, uploads and stores all financial statements, and communicates with your imaging system for permanent document storage. Plus, it integrates with your core, giving your commercial loan department the benefit of up-to-date client information across all relationships.

This completely digital process offered by OriginationCenter includes:

  • Accept commercial loan requests 24/7 through a convenient, online digital application that enables quick and easy collection and management of all borrower data - including required documents. It is hosted by ProfitStars, accessible from your existing website, and branded for your institution. 
  • Sales leads and prospecting: Easily identify all parties involved and track new business opportunities so you can quickly begin to structure the deal and identify initial terms.
  • Sales pipeline tracking: You’ll know the status of all activity by officer, branch, and region. Track new loan requests and compare to last year or last quarter to measure the effectiveness of current sales activities.
  • Task flow: You determine the criteria, business rules, activities and information required and in what order, creating consistency in underwriting. See the status of each loan request file at a glance, for greater process transparency.
  • Work queues: Your teams and individual users can easily organize and track their specific activities. They are automatically taken to their specific work queue on sign in, enabling them to work on their most critical priorities first. 
  • Electronic approvals: Loan presentations can be electronically routed for approval based upon variables you specify. Further define the routing process using workflows for the loan package, capture the electronic signatures, and forward the package to the next approval stage. 
  • Presentation reports: Automatically create the loan presentation/credit memo in Microsoft Word from critical data that seamlessly flows into report templates – no re-keying of data required!

With an entirely digital process, lenders can more seamlessly manage member business relationships throughout the life of the entire loan. Incorporate both decision automation and portfolio management tools to strengthen relationships and drive new revenue for your credit union.

CARES Act Support

​We have enhanced our lending capabilities with specific functionality your institution needs to support the new Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and the volume generated by the CARES Act.

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In today’s competitive environment, it’s not enough to offer good lending technology—you must offer clients a seamless, efficient journey throughout the entire loan lifecycle.
Digitize the Lending Origination Process​
You can automate your lending process from prospecting to analysis, review, and approval.​

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