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Business Intelligence & Financial Performance

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Advanced Reporting for Credit Unions™ (ARCU)

Business Intellige​nce and Analytics for Episys®

Fast access to concise and consistent information provides insight for better decisions. Because today’s industry and member trends rapidly evolve, a business intelligence solution has become
a necessity. ARCU arms credit union staff with answers to fundamental business questions by monitoring key performance indicators and factors. It reduces the time spent gathering and
interpreting data.

ARCU’s numerous “out of the box” reports cover all operational areas, provide the content and context necessary for monitoring and measuring key business drivers, and incorporate best practice
visualization techniques. Dashboards display concise matrices and charts for high-level views and incorporate comparisons to credit union goals. Summary and detailed reports provide the
appropriate information to various users.

ARCU Peer Data™ is an optional feature for ARCU users that allows clients to download, import, and save quarterly NCUA Call Report data to the ARCU database. The NCUA information adds value for ARCU users, enabling decision makers to quickly and easily compare their credit union’s performance to any peer group they choose, at any point in time.

ARCU Third Party Loan Integration™ is an optional feature for ARCU users that combines loan data stored in other processing systems with the Episys loan data stored in ARCU. This offers decision makers a comprehensive view of your credit union’s loans.

Core compatibility: Episys​

What It Does

  • Combines, integrates, aggregates, and presents data analytics from multiple sources
  • Pre-maps Episys fields and includes connectors for other Jack Henry products
  • Offers the ability to load custom data
  • Supports incremental growth from new Episys modules and annual enhancements
  • Delivers well-designed prebuilt reports
  • Offers an industry standard ad hoc reporting tool for power users to create the reports they need
  • Delivers high-level dashboard and summary reports with drill down and drill through to details
  • Offers views of historical trends to provide insight into patterns

What It Does For You

  • Enhances your data analytic capabilities by having a consolidated view of credit union operations
  • Improves visibility and tracking of key business indicators
  • Focuses decision makers on areas that needs attention
  • Expands your arsenal of reporting tools beyond native Episys functionality
  • Eliminates the need to understand the complexities of Episys’ field and file structures
  • Jump starts the credit union’s report library with prebuilt reports and offers templates for the credit union to create custom reports
See Clearly with ARCU
  • White Paper
    Taming Big Data in the Credit Union

    There are competitive advantages for CUs that can successfully integrate big data. The ability to visualize and analyze disparate facts and see the big picture can provide a competitive advantage by helping gauge member needs and business trends.

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