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Episys® Data Store

Rapid Analysis and Reporting of Business Processes

Credit unions need information on events that are happening in the present moment. Proactive business managers must be faster and more responsive than ever before for right-time monitoring. This add-on module, Episys Data Store (EDS), offers near real time data, enabling decision-makers to react quickly. The primary benefits of EDS are near-real-time access to your Episys data without affecting core processing, near-real-time feeds to ancillary products, and the ability track changes throughout the day.

Core compatibility: Episys​

What It Does

  • Transforms Episys tables into a relational database
  • Provides near real time data availability
  • Provides a way to automate processes and schedule reports and extracts
  • Supports incremental growth from new Episys modules and biannual enhancements
  • Offers role-based security via Microsoft Windows® or basic (native) authentication
  • Delivers an intuitive browser-based interface for managing the organization of reports and user functions
  • Uses industry standard tools to deliver effective reports
  • Offers an audit log and built-in scheduler

What It Does For Me

  • Provides the benefit of comprehensive Episys data
  • Enhances report comprehension with data visualization techniques
  • Improves visibility of key business processes
  • Relieves report creation tasks by offering prebuilt reports for common requests
  • Saves times by allowing templates to be saved and reused
  • Frees you from the need to use a technician to refresh data
  • Provides a source for extracts to ancillary products
  • Uses a point-in-time filter to easily monitor changes throughout the day
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