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Credit Union Core Solutions

Symitar offers flexible, scalable processing credit union core solution platforms for both in-house and outsourced environments. There are options and customization opportunities to create a great fit for any credit union.

For small and mid-sized credit unions we have the CruiseNet® platform, a Windows-based core using the latest .NET technology. CruiseNet can be run in-house, and it’s also offered as an outsourced service via JHA OutLink Processing Services™. OutLink takes on a large share of the hardware and compliance burden so you can focus on your members.

For larger credit unions we provide Episys®, a highly customizable, IBM® System p™- based core. Episys is so reliable and flexible that the platform is chosen by nearly 40 percent of all credit unions with assets of more than $1B. For those who wish to reduce the capital expenditures and IT personnel costs of in-house processing, we offer Symitar EASE™, which manages your Episys core in a secure, outsourced environment. An additional benefit to using Episys is the availability of PowerOn®, a utility that enables you to customize virtually any aspect of the Episys system. ​​​​​​​​

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