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The Episys core platform from Symitar is the most popular data processing system in the United States in all asset ranges over $50M. This includes nearly 40 percent of all U.S. credit unions with assets of $1B or greater. Episys offers five key advantages over competing systems:

  • Functionality – Through two to three major releases each year for almost three decades, Episys has evolved into the most feature-rich platform in the credit union industry. While other systems struggle to catch up, we continue to enhance and strengthen Episys.
  • Flexibility – Due in large part to the breadth and depth of our PowerOn customization tool, Episys is virtually impossible to outgrow. If you require new functionality now, you can create it yourself, work with Symitar, or contract with any of a large number of independent Episys consultants.
  • Connectivity – The ability to quickly and easily integrate third-party applications to the core is essential to today’s progressive credit unions. We do more than provide you with a robust integration toolset. Through our Vendor Integration Program, we’re able to provide technical support directly to the vendors you choose.
  • Stability – More than 600 credit unions currently rely on the Episys platform for their data processing needs. By continuing to focus on industry-leading client support, the Episys team is able to meet the needs of credit unions ranging in assets from $3M to $10B.
  • Community – The Episys user community is very active and engaged. In addition to the Symitar Educational Conference & Technology Expo that we host each year in San Diego, several regional user groups host their own annual meetings around the country. These users openly share ideas and solutions with their peers, adding an important dimension to the Episys customer experience.

Episys is available as either an in-house or outsourced solution. The outsourced Episys offering is known as Symitar EASE (Episys as a Service).

  • Product Briefs
    Episys® Drives Efficiency

    Symitar® clients know a thing or two about running an efficient credit union. By improving your overall operations, you can drive down costs to reduce back-office workload and focus on your number one asset: your members. The key to achieving this level of efficiency is your primary technology platform.
    Episys® Member Business Services™

    Did you know that outstanding business capabilities are integrated with the Episys core?

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