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Disaster Preparedness and Response

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​Centurion Business Continuity Planning™

Enterprise-wide business continuity consulting and preparation

Symitar’s Centurion Business Continuity Planning (BCP) enables credit unions to protect themselves and their members from unexpected business interruptions. Centurion prepares credit unions to handle business interruptions with fully customized continuity plans that document mission-critical business functions. These plans establish the production-proven procedures and testing required to restore each function’s operation. These comprehensive plans facilitate the restoration of credit unions’ core and complementary solutions and leverage a proven best-practices methodology to help ensure compliance with related regulatory requirements.

Centurion offers multiple levels of service, including plan reviews, plan maintenance services, and mock disaster drills. Each Centurion plan is generated by professional consultants who leverage the industry, business continuity, and systems expertise necessary to support disaster preparedness, expedite the resumption of credit union operations, and minimize member inconvenience.

Core compatibility: Episys®, CruiseNet®

What It Does

  • Encompasses the restoration core and complementary solutions.
  • Provides customized, enterprise-wide business continuity plans that identify and document mission-critical business functions, and establish the procedures required to restore each function’s operation.
  • Utilizes a function-level contingency planning approach that involves credit union employees at all levels in the recovery planning process.
  • Provides multi-tier, customized plans that efficiently support credit union specific contingency planning requirements.
  • Offers an auditing service for credit unions that provides professional opinions on the content, structure, and overall reliability of an already existing business continuity plan.
  • Provides plan maintenance services that offer ongoing reviews and updates based on changes within a credit union’s structure.
  • Offers the Mock Disaster Drill which provides credit unions with practical guidance and preparedness for worst-case scenarios that can cause significant business disruptions.
  • Uses the proven best practices methodology from Centurion Business Recovery Consulting Group®.
  • Leverages the industry, business continuity, and systems expertise of Centurion’s professional consultants.

What It Does For You

  • Helps ensure disaster preparedness by enabling credit unions to systematically restore their operational infrastructures in the event of temporary business interruptions or catastrophic disasters.
  • Expedites the resumption of credit union operations.
  • Helps ensure compliance with pertinent regulatory requirements.
  • Minimizes member inconvenience and promotes loyalty.
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Plan now to protect your FI from unanticipated business interruptions​​
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