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Disaster Preparedness and Response

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Centurion Disaster Recovery®

Disaster recovery services for core and complementary solutions

Centurion Disaster Recovery supports Symitar’s core and complementary solutions with disaster recovery services that help minimize the impact of unexpected business interruptions. When a credit union faces environmental or functional challenges, Centurion seamlessly relocates operations to a high-performance disaster recovery center that mimics the credit union’s infrastructure, mission-critical transaction processing capabilities, and communication networks until they can be fully restored. These disaster recovery services also help ensure compliance with pertinent regulatory requirements.

Centurion can also provide mobile units dispatched to credit union sites to reduce the need to relocate to a regional disaster recovery center. This service provides on-site technical assistance and can be fully operational within 24 to 48 hours of initial disaster notification. Another option is to have Centurion drop ship equipment to a credit union’s location of choice. 

Core compatibility: Episys®

What It Does

  • Provides production-proven disaster recovery solutions for core processing and complementary systems.
  • Provides fully equipped regional disaster recovery centers that can recreate credit unions’ specific operating environments.
  • Offers access to industry and technical experts with working knowledge of software solutions, core and peripheral hardware platforms, and credit union operations.
  • Provides mobile units to reduce the need to relocate operations to a regional disaster recovery center.  
  • Offers credit unions the option to have pre-configured hardware such as desktop computers, servers, and networking equipment drop shipped within as little as 12 hours of notification.
  • Facilitates annual testing and updates of credit union-specific disaster recovery plans. 
  • Helps ensure compliance with pertinent regulatory requirements.

What It Does For You

  • Provides disaster recovery services developed exclusively for credit unions.
  • Helps safeguard credit unions of all sizes against disasters.
  • Minimizes potential business interruptions and the related financial losses.
  • Reduces the member inconvenience caused by unavoidable business interruptions.
  • Leverages a best-practices methodology based on more than 20 years of experience providing disaster recovery services.  
  • Offers credit unions the convenience of multiple disaster recovery options.
  • Serves as an effective member attraction and retention tool by offering peace-of-mind to existing and potential credit union members.
If disaster strikes, is your mission-critical data protected?

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