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Disaster Preparedness and Response

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Centurion Emergency Notification™

A reliable, automated incident notification solution

Centurion Emergency Notification is setup and populated with a list of emergency contacts that you provide. Once activated, you can contact the system from virtually any location by computer,
telephone, or mobile device to launch a broadcast to your designated personnel. Within minutes, the Centurion Emergency Notification will cycle through up to 27 different contact paths, including
SMS text, email, and phone to alert your responders. A near-real-time dashboard will compile and update responses for a complete picture of responder activity.

You can designate any number of groups and group members to receive alerts under user-defined circumstances. Credit unions can create pre-written messages and scenarios in advance. This allows one-click broadcasting for the most probable emergency situations. In addition to response tracking, this system enables interactive polling to collect data regarding an incident. The system will provide a complete record of your response for post-event analysis.

Core compatibility: Episys®

What It Does

  • Provides instant notification of key responders in an emergency.
  • Enables users to contact the system from virtually
    any location, including mobile access from a
    smartphone or tablet.
  • Broadcasts messages via SMS text, email, instant
    message, landline, cell phone, social media, and more.
  • Delivers messages based on user preferences.
  • Compiles response data on a dashboard display.
  • Enables one-click message broadcasting for pre-written scenarios.
  • Provides 99.99 percent uptime guarantee.
  • Provides a dedicated account manager and 24-hour live support.

What It Does For You

  • Enables faster resolution of emergency incidents.
  • Improves efficiency of communication and reaction in an emergency.
  • Enables better decision-making in emergency situations.
  • Potentially saves money and even lives via rapid response.
  • Helps provide industry security compliance.
  • Provides peace of mind regarding the safety of personnel, infrastructure, and data.

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