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Disaster Preparedness and Response

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Centurion Enterprise-Level Recovery™

Data protection and disaster recovery for Windows® servers

Your Symitar® core and complementary software may be safe at a service bureau or Centurion Disaster Recovery® site, but other mission-critical systems are often vulnerable. Symitar's Centurion services is offering a solution to preserve your third-party assets. 

Centurion Enterprise-Level Recovery provides cloud-based backup and recovery. Centurion installs software at your credit union that sends a backup of your Windows servers and third-party enterprise systems offsite to our secure "Mountain" facility in Branson, Missouri. Credit unions typically make a nightly backup, but backups can occur at more frequent intervals. All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.
Following a disaster, a credit union uses the Virtual Server recovery module to access the backed-up systems remotely, or from a Centurion recovery center. Using cloud technology, data recovery is rapid. The recovery of the vaulted data can vary from minutes to hours per server depending on the size of the data and the bandwidth available.

Core compatibility: Episys®

What It Does

  • Provides online backups of mission-critical systems such
    as Windows-based core, email, Microsoft® SharePoint®,
    Microsoft Office, and network storage servers.
  • Stores encrypted data in a secure off-site facility located 175  feet underground.
  • Enables a variety of backup interval choices up to a frequency of every 15 minutes.
  • Uses cloud-based technology to enable remote access to your data in a disaster situation.
  • Offers the option of operating from a physical disaster recovery facility.
  • Provides rapid disk restoration using cloud and virtualization technology.

What It Does For You

  • Provides assurance that all of your Windows servers, complementary and business enterprise systems are securely protected.
  • Helps ensure the integrity of your third-party systems in the event of a catastrophe or power loss. 
  • Assists with meeting regulatory requirements for business systems backup and security.
  • Provides easy access to your backed up systems in a disaster situation.
  • Provides quick and painless server restoration. 
It's not if, but when - be prepared for when disaster strikes!

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