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Disaster Preparedness and Response

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Episys® Vaulting™

Complete tapeless backups to local or remote storage devices

Episys Vaulting is Symitar’s tapeless data backup and recovery solution that enables credit unions to store critical Episys®-based data at either a secure off-site location or to an internal storage solution. The system can provide data recovery in a matter of hours or even minutes, depending upon a credit union’s individual needs and network infrastructure. It can be paired with Centurion jVault® service to provide a complete solution to clients who use Centurion’s disaster recovery services.

Core compatibility: Episys

What It Does

  • Allows credit unions to store tape-style data backups in off-site facilities of their choice or to an internal storage solution.
  • Provides immediate access to and restoration of data.
  • Offers different transmit options (NFS and FTP) and storage options for the created backup (TAR) file.
  • Supports a credit union’s current vaulting strategies.
  • Helps to ensure full compliance with related regulatory requirements.
  • Provides a superior data audit trail.

What It Does For You

  • Saves money by replacing tapes and/or offsite storage service.
  • Ensures mission-critical information is securely protected and readily accessible.
  • Expedites the data recovery process.
  • Reduces the likelihood that unexpected disasters or business interruptions will impact financial transactions.

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