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Transaction Logging and Vaulting Server™

A low cost, reliable, encrypted storage solution

Symitar’s Transaction Logging and Vaulting (TLV) server is a low cost, reliable, encrypted storage solution. TLV is a dual-purpose server that combines the functionality of a transaction logging server with an Episys® vaulting repository.

TLV stores transaction and vaulted data on an encrypted file system with the capability to use 2048-bit, file-level encryption when transporting data to offsite locations. TLV is flexible, allowing credit unions to store not only transaction data, but also system files and backups. Clients are able to encrypt their backups and safely burn them to DVD with the TLV’s on-board DVD burner.

Core compatibility: Episys

What It Does

  • Provides a reliable transaction logging server.
  • Provides a reliable, low-cost alternative to SAN storage.
  • Provides scalable storage with minimal effort.
  • Incorporates 2048-bit, file-level encryption for maximum data security.

What It Does For You

  • Simplifies your security and disaster recovery strategies.
  • Helps you comply with transaction logging best practices for data storage.
  • Provides flexibility and scalability that enables the system to grow with your credit union.
  • Dramatically reduces your backup and recovery time during a disaster by eliminating the time it takes to get tapes to and from off-site storage.

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