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Disaster Preparedness and Response

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Transaction Logging Server™

Low cost, encrypted transaction logging

Symitar’s Transaction Logging Server (TLS) provides a low cost, reliable, and encrypted transaction logging solution. Comparable to the price of a tape drive, TLS provides a vital operation to the credit union by backing up near-real-time transactions as they occur on the host system. The TLS, in combination with the system and database backups, will ensure a fast recovery of Episys® host systems.

TLS offers encryption for data-at-rest. Episys clients can back up the encrypted transaction logs onto a mobile medium to store transaction logs off-site. Each Transaction Logging Server is shipped pre-configured. Symitar assists in finalizing the TLS set-up by providing network information specific to the credit union and attaching the server to the credit union’s network.

Core compatibility: Episys

What It Does

  • Provides a reliable transaction logging service.
  • Presents a low-cost alternative to logging to tape.
  • Incorporates file-system level encryption for maximum data security.
  • Provides a method for encrypting data for offsite storage using choice of media.

What It Does For You

  • Simplifies your security and disaster recovery strategies.
  • Helps you comply with best practices for data storage.
  • Provides a flexible and scalable system that grows with your credit union.
  • Reduces backup and recovery time by eliminating the period it takes to move tapes to and from a storage site in the event of a disaster.

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