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Episys® Identity and Sanction Screening IntegrationSM

Search third-party identity score services 

Episys® Identity and Sanction Screening Integration offers a connection to the LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG list screening and InstantID® services. Using pre-defined PowerOn® specfiles, users can conduct searches. Each one provides an option to display full search results or to simply indicate whether matches were found. Search types include:
  • Account Names. Provides a list of names on the account to select from or an option to manually enter a name. There is an option to create a Note record with a summary of search results. 

  • Check Disbursement. Automatically launches as part of the Check Disbursed Wizard in Teller Transactions and allows users to select check payee names to submit.

  • Wire. Searches various Wire record fields such as name, address, and beneficiary. It updates the OFAC Status field in the Wire record and creates a Wire OFAC Details record that stores the search result. 
Episys Sanction Screening Extracts are included in this service. Extracts provided are: Account Names, Wires, Checks, Participants, Payees, and Vendors. Wire records are updated with results using the LexisNexis Bridger Insight Automatic Batch output file.

Core compatibility: Episys®


What It Does

  • Provides an interface to the LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG list screening and InstantID® services 
  • Performs Account Name, Check Payee, and Wire searches 
  • Includes access to Episys Sanction Screening Extracts 
  • Integrates with ELA and EMA 

What It Does For You 

  • S​aves time by removing the need for double entry of entity information 
  • Combines watch list screening and identity scoring services into a single process within Episys 
  • Allows for screening of multiple entities in a single request 
  • Product Briefs
    Episys® Identity and Sanction Screening IntegrationSM

    Episys Identity and Sanction Screening Integration provides an interface to third-party watch list and identity score services in near real-time. It also provides Episys Sanction Screening Extracts, which can be used to extract Episys database records for batch screening.

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