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Episys® Virtualization™

Expand your computing capacity with less hardware

Comprised of server consolidation via virtualization and storage virtualization, Episys Virtualization enables credit unions to expand with reduced capital expenditures. Episys Virtualization enables multiple instances of the Episys application to run independently on a single server by creating a pool of resources for the applications to share. Separation of these instances of Episys is accomplished through the use of IBM PowerVM by creating logical partitions (LPARs) in which these separate instances of Episys reside.

With Episys Virtualization, a credit union can eliminate the need for having a separate server for Episys production, Episys test, AIX test, and even development and/or training. Instead, these instances of Episys can all reside on one physical server—each in its own LPAR. Along with a reduction in hardware-related costs, virtualization allows credit unions to reclaim data center capacity while reducing their power consumption. By converting backup images into Virtual Machines, credit unions experience a quicker system recovery in the event of a failure.

Core compatibility: Episys

What It Does

  • Provides the ability to consolidate servers and storage.
    Virtualizes processor and I/O resources.
  • Allows the ability to dynamically adjust server capability to meet changing workload demands.
  • Simplifies partition creation and management.

What It Does For You

  • Reduces hardware and administrative costs.
  • Reduces power expenses: less equipment means lower cost to cool the data center.
  • Faster processing and more efficient use of system resources.
  • Increases quality assurance by having your test environment on the same physical hardware.
  • Streamlines operational management processes to promote long-term cost savings and improve IT staff productivity.

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