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Maximizes the power and flexibility of Episys®

SymConnect provides for the seamless connection of any third-party product or ancillary application written by the credit union’s own IT staff to the Episys core system. Using a standard application protocol interface (API), SymConnect participates in a client/server concept acting as the server for the third party products and/or the ancillary applications acting as "clients."

SymConnect supports near-real-time, interactive data exchanges. This solution effectively manages any user interface such as a third-party product that runs transactions, inquiries, and maintenance on member accounts. SymConnect can eliminate the costly custom programming often required to integrate multiple third-party applications or ancillary applications to core systems.

Core compatibility: Episys

What It Does

  • Seamlessly connects third-party and internally developed ancillary applications with Episys.
  • Supports third-party products that handle monetary transactions, inquiries and file maintenance on member accounts.
  • Uses a standard application protocol interface (API).
  • Supports near-real-time, interactive data exchanges between Episys and ancillary applications.
  • Provides seamless user interfaces.
  • Maintains the integrity of core system data, established security controls and compliance standards.

What It Does For You

  • Maximizes the power and operating flexibility of Episys.
  • Leverages existing technology solutions with secure, compliant and proven connectivity.
  • Maintains the integrity of core system data.
  • Enforces established security controls and compliance standards. 
  • Eliminates costly customization or integration initiatives.
  • Product Briefs

    Symitar’s SymConnect is an interface that enables third-party vendors and your credit union to access Episys core data and business rules.
    SymConnect™ Performance Analysis Service

    SymConnect Performance Analysis Service provides a point of time assessment of individual SymConnect interfaces on your host system. The assessment culminates with a report that outlines individual SymConnect performance, potential problem areas and recommendations for improvement.

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