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​BOLTS Technologies, Inc.

Jack Henry & Associates continue to expand its digital platform with the acquisition of BOLTS Technologies, Inc. 

BOLTS Technologies provides boltsOPEN, a next-generation digital account opening solution. boltsOPEN enables new accounts to be op​ened in minutes. It leverages a modern, responsive design to ensure an intuitive user experience on any device. Its sophisticated identity verification encompasses OFAC, customer identification program (CIP), and account abuse checks. Flexible account funding options include mobile deposits, ACH, and transfers from credit and debit accounts. It enforces strong security with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and secure messaging.

The back office administrative platform provides a key aspect of the system’s competitive differentiation. Using a menu of practical rules, non-technical financial institution employees can quickly and immediately customize the system and easily add new financial projects, update disclosure and compliance information, change established workflow, and more. Automated analytics monitor each account opening session so financial institutions can accurately determine why a session was abandoned before the process was complete. 

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