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A centralized, integrated application tool 

SymApp provides a single input for various applications, and is completely integrated with Enhanced Member Application™ (EMA) and Enhanced Loan Application™ (ELA). It makes use of a centralized decision engine (shared by ELA and SymApp), and presents pre-approved cross-sell and refinance offers. It also uses the Episys® Credit Retrieval System for pulling credit reports. Users are guided through the application process, up to and including auto approval and risk-based pricing. An Episys Application record is created, which can be completed with ELA and EMA.
Core compatibility: Episys®

What It Does 

  • Provides a modern, consistent, intuitive experience for the applicant
  • Speeds the application process
  • Enables consistent decision criteria between ELA and SymApp
  • Provides simple configuration tools 

What It Does For You 

  • Saves time by simplifying application intake and processing
  • Earns income by making cross-sell offers
  • Saves setup costs through its responsive interface for both mobile and desktop
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  • Product Briefs

    SymApp is a configurable online solution that enables easy member self-service to establish a membership, open accounts, and apply for loans.

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