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Collection Toolkit


3rd Party Loan Batch FM

Third Party Loan Batch FM is a batch process solution that incorporates third-party loans into a host collections package. Download Include

Bankruptcy Scripted FM

Bankruptcy Scripted FM simplifies the process of entering bankruptcy information, and makes it easy for credit unions to determine which members, shares, and loans are included in filings. Download Include

Charge Off Scripted FM

Used for both shares and loans, Charge Off Scripted FM implements a three-step process that significantly reduces the time and effort credit unions need to spend processing charge offs during the recommendation process, board report creation, and the charge off itself. Download Include

Classification Scripted FM

The Classification Report solution enables credit unions to classify loans at certain levels of delinquency and to project estimated loan losses and recovery amounts. Download Include

Foreclosure Scripted FM

Foreclosure Scripted FM simplifies the process of entering foreclosure information. Download Include

Legal Scripted FM

Legal Scripted FM is a solution designed for credit unions that use attorneys or third-party agencies for collections. It's an easy way for end users to enter attorney or agency information for those shares and loans are being outsourced. Download Include

Repossession Scripted FM

Repossession Scripted FM is a solution designed for credit unions to easily maintain information for the repossession including repossession dates, fees, and auction information. This solution also provides repossession status reports and Repossession Company/Auction Company reports. Download Include

Returned Item Scripted FM

Returned Item Scripted FM is a returned items processing solution that captures returned item information, performs monetary transactions (withdrawal and fee posting). The solution includes three types of reports – returned checks by date, returned checks clearing report, and returned checks outstanding. Download Include

New Account and Loan Origination


Allied iQQ Insurance Interface

Allied iQQ Insurance Interface is a bidirectional interface that allows for GAP and MBP product selections to be created and presented within Episys. Download Include

Enhanced Loan Application™

Provides software for the setup of a new loan for a credit union member. This software provides a user-friendly interface and efficient workflow approach to manage the entry and completion of a loan application. Download Include

Enhanced Member Application™

Provides software for the setup of a new credit union member and their initial account records. This software provides a user-friendly interface and efficient workflow approach to manage the entry and completion of a membership application. Download Include

Refi Analyzer™

Refi Analyzer is Symitar’s competitive loan cross-sell product. It identifies potential cross-sell opportunities by accessing the primary members credit reports to identify loans a member has open with other lenders. Refi Analyzer automatically determines whether an individual and any trade lines meet credit union defined criteria. The credit union’s risk-based pricing criteria and loan rate tables are then used to determine a refinance rate for the member. Download Include


SymApp is a configurable online solution that enables members, as well as perspective members, to establish membership, open accounts, and apply for loans from a computer, tablet or mobile device. Any online banking or mobile vendor can integrate to the SymApp solution. Download Include

Vehicle Pricing Interface™

Vehicle Pricing Interface is a tool used for obtaining and saving vehicle information and values from the KBB and NADA websites. This solution eliminates the need to re-key information found on vehicle pricing websites, reducing the risk of potential errors. Download Include

Member Services


Account Close Workflow

Account Close Workflow provides the user workflow and validation necessary for account close processes. Download Include

Check Image Retrieval

With Check Image Retrieval, check images are conveniently retrieved from a screen similar to Episys’ Transaction History. Users can search for specific transactions or transactions within a date or dollar amount range, and once the transaction has been located, the check image is displayed by clicking on the check number hyperlink. Download Include

Enhanced Account Revision

Enhanced Account Revision is a configurable program designed to simplify file maintenance changes to account and share records. Download Include

Enhanced Member Verification

Enhanced Member Verification provides a configurable member verification screen to assist credit union staff by providing a single point for reviewing member/account verification information. Staff can check the method of verification used and specify the reason for the visit. Download Include

Episys ID Scanner Interface™

In conjunction with a supported scanner, Episys ID Scanner Interface enables credit unions to scan members' IDs and communicate the information from the ID to the Episys database and/or a Symitar optical solution. Download Include

Episys® Skip Payment

Episys Skip Payment provides a single point of access to process skip payment requests for multiple loans on an account. Download Include

Episys® Identity and Sanction Screening Integration℠

Episys Identity and Sanction Screening Integration provides an interface to third-party watch list and identity score services in near real-time. It also provides Episys Sanction Screening Extracts, which can be used to extract Episys database records for batch screening. Download Include

Episys® Identity Q&A Integration

Episys Identity Q&A Integration provides an interface to third party Identity Authentication Services. It uses question and answer quizzes to verify the identity of individuals, and returns a pass or fail response based on the number of correct answers.  Download Include

jhaAddress Verify™

jhaAddress Verify provides credit unions with CASS certification tools by validating member address data against the USPS database. Download Include

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