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Account Cross Sell Jumpstart™ 

Expand Your Cross-Selling Efforts to Members

Account Cross Sell Jumpstart furthers the capabilities of our Account Cross Sell™ (ACS) solution by expanding cross-selling criteria. It is a near-real-time interface that provides the information, tools, and guidelines your front-line staff need to effectively sell loan and share products, including new services to your credit union’s valuable members.

Core compatibility: Episys®

What It Does

  • Gives cross-selling efforts a jumpstart by expanding criteria.
  • Supports a variety of pre-defined services and products. 

  • Provides sales reports. 

  • Works in tandem with Episys, Account Cross Sell, and the Application Process System (APS). 

What It Does For You

  • Is fully functional and configurable without required customization. 
  • Enables you to easily set up and maintain your credit union’s ACS parameters with a user-friendly interface. 
  • Helps you establish the eligibility criteria for a member, making it easy to determine the products and services they qualify for, the items they will be offered, and the actions that should occur when the member chooses the product or service. 
  • Let’s you view ACS Jumpstart sales and referral information by branch, user, or product.

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