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Allied iQQ Insurance Interface

A Direct Link to Allied Solutions

This near-real-time bidirectional interface with Allied Solutions enables you to automatically create, update, and issue general asset protection (GAP) and mechanical breakdown protection (MBP) quotes directly from within Episys®. It provides easy-to-use screens for maximum efficiency and automation. You can print any documents related to a GAP or MBP quote.

The Allied iQQ Insurance Interface creates a loan or application tracking record to store information about the quote. Because this product is integrated with Episys, you have single sign-on to Allied iQQ. This service is also fully integrated with Symitar’s Enhanced Loan Application™.

Note: You must have an existing relationship with Allied Solutions to use this product.

Core compatibility: Episys

What It Does 

  • Provides a direct connection with Allied Solutions
  • Enables you to issue GAP and MBP quotes from within Episys
  • Enables the printing of GAP and MBP quote documents
  • Creates a loan or application tracking record
  • Integrates with Enhanced Loan Application

What It Does For You

  • Gives staff members easy and efficient screens for making quotes
  • Simplifies processes by enabling users to work within Episys
  • Speeds member assistance​

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