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Bookable 247™​

Putting the right people in the right place at the right time

Bookable 247 is an appointment booking function provided as a software service. It lets members schedule appointments to visit a business or organization remotely and without the intervention of staff. This is what Bookable 247 does in three easy steps:

  • It provides an area on the organization’s website for booking appointments
  • It delivers the service where members go online and book an appointment which suits their timetable and the availability of resources within the organization
  • It manages the schedules for the staff, the appointment and the member, communicating with all parties to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time 
Core compatibility: Episys®, CruiseNet®

What It Does ​

  • Flexible user interface allows for integration to the credit union’s website or mobile application.
  • Advanced REST API allows connections from email servers, analytics engines and the many components that go to power a modern business.
  • Responsive design allows mobile friendly views.
  • Location aware service suggests most likely preferred location.
  • Software as a service (SaaS) means no server or software update maintenance for the credit union.
  • Microsoft Exchange integration is built in and provides one secure location for data and ensuring a single calendaring solution.
  • Standard reports on appointment booking metrics.
  • Ability to easily modify the look and feel with logo and style sheet configuration options.

What It Does For You ​

  • Bookable 247 provides a single consolidated calendar to manage for internal meetings and member appointments, by using the credit union’s existing calendar solution.
  • Bookable 247 provides the ability to manage multiple branches, whereas other solutions are geared towards single location businesses.
  • Bookable 247 offers a simplified pricing model, with an annual fee. Other solutions, charge a per appointment fee, leading to unknown bills each month.​ 


  • Product Briefs
    Bookable 247

    Bookable 247, a solution powered by More Global, Inc., enables individuals to book appointments with your employees by phone or computer. It provides a single consolidated calendar to manage individual’s appointments, by using the credit union’s existing calendar solution.

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