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Cash Automation™ Services

An end-to-end solution for cash dispensers and recyclers

Cash Automation is an Episys® module designed to integrate with the CFMS4 application server from CFM, the leading software provider dedicated to servicing financial institutions, core software providers, and cash automation hardware manufacturers. The new module coupled with CFMS4 provides near-real-time cash transactions via all major makes and models of cash dispensers and cash recyclers from the United States and Europe.

Core compatibility: Episys®​

What Cash Automation™ Does

  • Integrates with all major makes and models of cash dispensers and cash recyclers. 
  • Drives and manages all cash automation.
  • Provides precise and efficient troubleshooting. 
  • Posts transactions in near real time. 
  • Allows for enterprise based reporting.

What Cash Automation™ Does For You

  • Allows credit unions to choose which cash dispenser and recycler hardware best fits their needs. 
  • Improves cash inventory system. 
  • Increases teller efficiency. 
  • Provides access to near-real-time and historical data for cash flow and device usage.


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