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Digital Marketing Assistant

CFM IDA gives you an engaging touchscreen interface in a standalone, kiosk form for displaying products and educating members. The interactive, hands-on experience is more attractive and captivating than video or print. In addition to displaying interactive content, CFM IDA enables information to be emailed directly to a member, and enables members to summon a representative for in-person service.

What It Does

  • Provides a self-driven, hands-on touchscreen interface for members.
  • Displays customizable interactive content so members can explore products and services.
  • Enables members to have information emailed to them or to summon a representative.
  • Informs staff of what products are currently being viewed.
  • Provides statistics on products and services viewed over time.

What It Does For You

  • Automatically produces cross-selling and educational opportunities.
  • Expands your communication channels with minimal footprint.
  • Supports strategic initiatives with business intelligence.  

  • Enables employees to pinpoint when a member needs help or shows interest​.
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    Digital Marketing Assistant

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