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Enhanced Member Application™

An efficient, automated tool for managing and completing new member applications

Enhanced Member Application (EMA) delivers an efficient and automated solution to managing the entry and completion of a membership application. EMA handles the entire setup, including initial account records and funding. Using EMA, credit unions can automatically create name records at either the account or share level.

EMA also manages existing accounts. Credit unions can add additional accounts and update basic information to a member’s profile that was initially created in EMA. The completely customizable interface allows credit unions to meet their own process and product needs.

EMA's annual subscription plan includes phone support, access to template updates, and up to 30 hours of custom requirements, estimating, and programming time per year. This covers integration with Refi Analyzer™ as well as other products and services.

Core compatibility: Episys®

What It Does

  • Automatically handles the setup of new credit union members and their initial account records, including funding.
  • Manages existing accounts.
  • Supports Episys’ Credit Retrieval System for pulling individual credit reports.
  • Integrates with the Episys ChexSystems interface for pulling ChexSystems or QualiFile® reports
  • Includes OFAC verification.
  • Allows an application to be created in an alternate "dummy account" before assigning a membership number.
  • Restricts new member approvals by user and account type.
  • Includes automated forward and email capability.
  • Includes a document/print form organizer based on account type.
  • Provides phone support, template updates, and customization assistance.

What It Does For You

  • Enables you to add members in just minutes.
  • Reduces errors in the membership application process.
  • Effectively manages credit report and OFAC checking as part of the account setup process.
  • Provides a fast, efficient way to set up initial account records.
  • Helps you deliver the best account service to your members.
EMA and EAR Video

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