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​Episys® Account Alerts

Increase member alerts with a solution your staff can access from Episys.

Services like financial alerts add convenience for members and also save money. Episys Account Alerts reduce balance and transaction inquiry phone calls, lowering operating expenses. Email alerts also build trust and increase interaction with members. Some members may want the peace of mind that comes from knowing they will receive an alert as soon as their payroll is received. Others may make decisions based on a weekly balance summary of all shares and loans. Members could also recognize unauthorized activity, minimizing fraud. While many credit unions offer alerts as a feature of online banking, not all members use online banking, or choose to enroll in alerts. One critical difference of this service is that that it enables credit union employees to set up alerts for the members.

What It Does

  • Offers credit unions a hosted, centralized solution to notify members of changes, events, or transactions.
  • Launches directly from Episys Account Manager or Account Revision.
  • Can be added as a workflow step in EMA and ELA.
  • Credit unions control which alert types, frequencies, and account, share, and loan types are available.
  • Includes balance and credit limit alerts, transaction alerts, and notice alerts.
  • Provides an email delivery channel, and default email can be set for all alerts.
  • Provides default messages that can be customized by credit unions.
  • Recognizes teller security when launched from Episys.
  • Recognizes member security when launched from an online banking system.
  • Allows credit union employees to enable alerts on behalf of members.
  • Users set balance and credit limit thresholds.
  • Warning code displays on member accounts when there are enabled alerts.
  • Account level tracking record displays the number of enabled alerts and when they last modified and by whom.

What It Does For You

  • Increase the breadth of your member convenience services.
  • Helps you increase alert participation by allowing employees to enroll members.
  • Helps build member trust.
  • Reduces balance and transaction inquiry calls.
  • Can help minimize losses by alerting members more quickly of changes, events, and transactions.
  • Product Brief
    Episys® Account Alerts

    Having more members enrolled in alerts reduces routine inquiry phone calls, lowering operating expenses. Alerts also help build trust and identify possible fraud.

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