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Episys® Collateral & Document Tracking™

Maintain and manage loan collateral and document exceptions

The Collateral & Document Tracking system enables you to manage collateral and reduce credit risk by ensuring that loans are adequately secured and properly documented. For your typical consumer loan, this may be one or two pieces of collateral pledged to one loan. In commercial lending, the same collateral is frequently used to secure multiple loans residing on different member accounts. Regardless of the type of lending, this Episys module allows you to store data for all collateral in one system.

Core compatibility: Episys

What It Does

  • Enables cross-collateralization.
  • Unlimited loans to one collateral item.
  • Unlimited collateral items to one loan.
  • Enables collateral and document creation as part of application processing workflows.
  • Tracks completion of loan documents.
  • Track collateral-related documents that are required, on-hand, and missing.
  • Track financial information documents at the loan level or the account level.
  • Tracks recurring document ticklers.
  • Produces reports for document exceptions.
  • Produces member notices for document exceptions.
  • Enables collateral visibility on the member account.
  • Enables document exception warnings on the account.
  • Provides the ability to work document exceptions in collector queues.
  • Provides a link from the document record in Episys to the imaged document in Synergy.
  • Enables PowerOn® and SymConnect™ access to records and fields.

What It Does For You

  • Provides one collateral and document management system
  • Ensures that you maintain current financial information on members as required by policy or loan covenants
  • Enables you to maintain required business organizational documents like Articles of Incorporation, Partnership Agreements, and Assumed Name Certificates
  • Enables you to easily notify members of lapsed insurance, proof of title, dated financial statements, and annual tax returns, to name a few
  • Provides an easy way in the collection queuing system to work exceptions
  • Provides management with information about documents that are either waived, incomplete, or have expired
  • Enables custom reports
  • Eliminates the need for manual loan exception tracking
  • Helps you ensure that the conditions of loan closing are satisfied


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