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Episys® External Loan Processing Interface™ 

Enhanced handling of external loans

The External Loan Processing Interface makes external loan information available in the Loan section of Episys Teller Transactions. Tellers can process external loan transactions using the same Loan Payment, Loan Advance, and Void transactions as they would for any Episys core loan. The product’s user-friendly interface simplifies the processing of automatic loan payments because credit union staff can use transfer records and the daily posting batch program. In addition, external loans can be used as overdraft protection for share accounts.

The Episys External Loan Processing Interface gives you a method to define default transaction codes and descriptions for payments and advances, which makes processing transactions fast and consistent. It supports full member names, warning and service codes, and the ability to add note records. This product offers full integration with Symitar’s NetTeller® and iTalk® applications.

Note: Many products and third-party vendors may require coding changes in order to allow them to access the new external loan records. These products may include Internet banking, audio, mobile, collections, member relationship management, and custom reports and solutions. Please coordinate with your vendor or provider if access to the new records is needed.

What It Does

  • Makes external loans available in Teller Transactions.
  • Interfaces with most external loan processors and supports all loan categories.
  • Enables external loan advances if supported by the external loan processor.
  • Enables external loans to be used as overdraft protection for share accounts.
  • Provides a method to define default transaction codes and to define descriptions for payments and advances.
  • Supports full member names as well as service and warning codes.
  • Offers control through the external loan records using parameters and privileges.

What It Does For You

  •  Simplifies external loan processing because the loans more closely resemble Episys core loans.
  • Enables easier teller training.
  • Improves accessibility to external loan information with NetTeller and iTalk integration.


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