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Episys® FIVE

Voice-enabled banking through an Amazon® Alexa® device

Give your members the ability to conduct credit union transactions using voice commands given to an Amazon Alexa smart-speaker device. Episys FIVE is powered by the Financial Innovations Voice Experience (FIVE) technology developed by the Best Innovation Group.

What It Does 

  • ​​Provides voice-enabled banking through an Amazon®
  • Alexa® smart-speaker system.
  • Offers members a wide variety of transaction types and information requests.
  • Provides layers of security to maintain account safety.​

What It Does For You

  • Allows you to offer members a unique and convenient hands-free banking experience.
  • Gives your credit union a competitive advantage.
  • Offers the benefit of no hardware footprint and minimal IT time, because it is a hosted service.






































  • Product Briefs
    Episys FIVE

    Voice-enabled banking through an Amazon® Alexa® device

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