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Episys® Overdraw Tolerance™

Increase member convenience while automating the handling of account overdraws and fees

Overdraw Tolerance is an Episys module that enables the posting of withdrawals that go below an account’s available balance. It also allows you to set a maximum negative dollar limit on an individual share basis and to set a member fee for the use of overdraw service. Overdraw Tolerance enables Episys to handle below balance situations across a wide range of postings and transactions. It can be used, for example, when a withdrawal is posted using a batch posting program, an ATM network, SymConnect™, an "On Us" transaction, or a share withdrawal (SW) teller transaction.

Core compatibility: Episys

What It Does

  • Enables the posting of withdrawals that go below an account’s available balance.
  • Applies Overdraw Tolerance to multiple types of withdrawals and transactions.
  • Allows credit unions to choose a maximum overdraw amount.
  • Sends notifications to members when Overdraw Tolerance is used.
  • Enables credit unions to charge a member fee based on varying parameters.
  • Provides a transaction history record of overdraws.

What It Does For You

  • Simplifies and automates the handling of overdraws.
  • Reduces time spent recording overdraws and communicating with the members involved.
  • Calculates and charges overdraw fees.


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