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Episys® Skip Payment

Manage skip payment requests for multiple loans 

A skip-payment program can assist both members and credit unions. Members receive the temporary payment relief they need, and credit unions earn more interest income over the life of a loan. Episys Skip Payment makes it easy, reducing errors, and eliminating manual processing to determine if a loan qualifies.

Episys Skip Payment provides a simple user interface to handle requests for a multiple loans on an account. The program uses credit-union-defined criteria to determine if the loan is approved or denied for a skip payment. Common criteria used:

  • Loan types
  • Number of days loan has been open
  • Maximum number of days past due
  • Number of delinquent payments within a specific number of months
  • Minimum number of payments made
  • Ineligible account warning codes
  • The existence of a negative share, charge-off share, and charge-off loans

If the loan is denied, Skip Payment alerts the user of the reasons for denial. It creates a detailed loan-level record for the approval or denial. Skip Payment also allows you to automatically charge any applicable fees to a member’s selected share. It automatically launches any associated forms required to skip a payment.

What It Does

  • Enables you to define criteria for approval
  • Notifies the user of approval or denial
  • Creates detailed records of the request
  • Automatically charges applicable fees
  • Automatically launches associated forms

What It Does For Me

  • Simplifies skip payment processing
  • Reduces errors
  • Eliminates manual processing
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    Episys® Skip Payment™

    Would you benefit from a single point of access to easily manage requests to skip payments?

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