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jhaAddress Verify™

Verify mailing addresses as they are entered

jhaAddress Verify™ includes a hosted Web API for Episys® that verifies addresses in near real time as they are entered. Whether a user is populating address fields for a new member or updating the address of an existing member, addresses are automatically checked against the U.S. Postal Service database. By validating, updating, and standardizing addresses at the point of entry, the product helps avoid fraud while simplifying address verification. Not only does jhaAddress Verify validate that an address exists, it alerts the user if part of the address (like an apartment number) is missing and confirms whether the address is a valid delivery point.

jhaAddress Verify can also display addresses on Google Maps. With this feature you can see if the address is a residence, business, or an empty lot. In addition, the API can be made available to applications outside of Episys that need address verification. For Episys users, this product has a batch cleansing feature that extracts all your mailing addresses and compares them to the postal service database. Addresses that are found in the database are returned in a "cleansed," standardized format and reloaded to Episys.

Core compatibility: Episys®

What It Does

  • Verifies postal addresses against the most current U.S. Postal Service database as they are entered.
  • Updates and standardizes addresses on the fly.
  • Alerts users if part of an address is missing or is not a valid delivery point.
  • Displays addresses on Google Maps.
  • Provides batch address cleansing for Episys users.
  • Provides a batch cleansing exception report with an efficient workflow process to update addresses in Episys.

What It Does For You

  • Enhances productivity by reducing the time and internal expense of processing returned mail.
  • Increases member service by ensuring correct delivery of letters, notices, and statements.
  • Greatly speeds the point-of-entry process of address verification.
  • Helps reduce fraud and postal costs.
  • Improves marketing success with accurate targeting.
  • Keeps your address database up to date.

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