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​SymChoice Loan™

Maintain multiple balances with different interest rates and maturity dates under a single loan

When it comes to line-of-credit loans, you want options, and so do your members. SymChoice Loan is an Episys® add-on module that comes to the rescue with more control and expanded opportunities. When using SymChoice Loan, the primary line of credit and its balances can have different interest rates and maturity dates, but all balances have the same due date. The system calculates the regularly scheduled payment amount by adding together the payments specified for each balance, but determines delinquency and late charges on the entire loan. This flexible loan product is also treated as a single loan for credit reporting.

Core compatibility: Episys®​

What It Does

  • Enables a line-of-credit loan with different interest rates for different balances
  • Calculates the scheduled payment amounts by adding the payments for each balance
  • Determines delinquency and late charges on the entire loan
  • Treats a multi-balance loan as a single loan for credit reporting

What It Does For You

  • Provides greater flexibility when structuring line-of-credit loans
  • Gives your members more choices and potentially helps them save money
  • Enables you to provide more attractive line-of-credit loans
  • Product Brief
    SymChoice Loan

    Would you like the flexibility of creating a single loan with different interest rates?

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