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Symitar® Multi-Channel Notifications

Send customized messages to members

Multi-Channel Notifications offers either a hosted or on-premise solution for customized member messaging. You begin the process by creating and saving a template based on your message data. This template is applied to all corresponding data made available to Multi-Channel Notifications. Once the data is available, the notification is created and set for delivery via email or SMS or is sent to a file for printing. Your template can be saved and used for later messages.

Core compatibility: Episys®

What It Does

  • Enables simple formatting and distribution of member communications
  • Provides web-based file configuration, security, and administration
  • Supports CSV, XML, and JSON file formats as input
  • Allows users to create and save templates
  • Generates tables of notification counts, dates, and status
  • Delivers text or email notifications, and exports files for printing
  • Includes a purge process to remove older data

What It Does For You

  •  Improves member education and awareness
  • Increases communication volumes, channels, and effectiveness
  • Decreases time spent formatting and sending notices
  • Gives members “one-look” branding since templates are customized for message content, logos, and images

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