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Symitar® Multi-Channel Notifications

Send customized messages to members

Multi-Channel Notifications offers either a hosted or on-premise solution for customized member messaging. You begin the process by creating and saving a template based on your message data. This template is applied to all corresponding data made available to eNotifications. Once the data is available, the notification is created and set for delivery via email or SMS or is sent to a file for printing. Your template can be saved and used for later messages.

Core compatibility: Episys®

What It Does

  • Enables simple formatting and distribution of member communications
  • Provides web-based file configuration, security, and administration
  • Supports CSV, XML, and JSON file formats as input
  • Allows users to create and save templates
  • Generates tables of notification counts, dates, and status
  • Delivers text or email notifications, and exports files for printing
  • Includes a purge process to remove older data

What It Does For You

  •  Improves member education and awareness
  • Increases communication volumes, channels, and effectiveness
  • Decreases time spent formatting and sending notices
  • Gives members “one-look” branding since templates are customized for message content, logos, and images

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