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Symitar Passcode™

Simple, One-Time-Use Member Verification Tool 

The challenges associated with protecting member accounts continue to grow as new security threats emerge. Symitar Passcode is a new option your credit union can implement to verify a member via a one-time use passcode. It can be integrated with Enhanced Member Verification and other Episys® screens.

Core compatibility: Episys® 

What It Does
  • Generates a random code using credit union-defined configuration options.
  • Securely sends the passcode to an accountholder’s selected delivery option. 
  • Verifies the passcode relayed by a member to your credit union employee. 
  • Captures passcode verification data in an Episys comment record.
  • Automatically places a warning code after a designed number of failed passcode attempts (optional).
What It Does For You 
  • Helps prevent fraud or breach of information by proving an additional layer of member verification. 
  • Ensures passcodes are only sent to the email, alternate email, or mobile number for primary and joint name records. 
  • Offers configuration of passcode characteristics and options for size, data type, comment codes, and delivery methods.
  • Includes a selection screen listing delivery addresses eligible to receive the passcode. 
  • Tracks that a one-time passcode was used as verification. 
  • Provides optional additional configuration of warning codes and failed passcode attempts.


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