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Synapsys® Member Relationship Management™

Enhances member service while increasing revenue

Synapsys is a comprehensive solution that supports member relationship management and marketing strategies. This innovative system’s broad functionality commands the power of information and puts it at the fingertips of sales associates, call centers, lenders, and support staff. This competitive advantage is crucial to increasing performance and profitability in today’s financial marketplace.

Synapsys’ functionality manages all points of contact and call log records and presents them in easy-to-read reports. It integrates seamlessly with Outlook’s email and calendaring features, removing the operational inefficiencies inherent in manual marketing and sales processes.

This solution provides: referrals processing and reporting; service recovery tracking, assignment, and reporting; incentive compensation tracking, calculation, and reporting; member profitability and profit tier reporting; customization opportunities for pipeline reporting; automatic member contact prompts; and member profiling documentation.

The optional Synapsys Lobby Tracking module allows credit unions to track members and prospects entering their institution. This provides a targeted, personalized approach to member service, and enables managers to identify operational inefficiencies and address overall staffing needs.

Core compatibility: Episys®

What It Does

  • Provides complete sales force automation.
  • Leverages its interface with Episys for daily updates of member and account information.
  • Supports the development of sales and marketing strategies and tracks the results against established goals.
  • Displays appropriate cross-selling opportunities at the front line for immediate action.
  • Automates the referral and tracking processes.
  • Supports the implementation and management of incentive programs.
  • Generates evaluations of sales associates.
  • Provides functional capabilities designed exclusively to support credit unions’ unique sales environments.
  • Incorporates Marketing Manager, which automates the time-consuming and error-prone manual process historically required to develop highly targeted marketing and cross-selling campaigns.
  • Identifies next best products or services offerings based on member profiles.

What It Does For You

  • Enables credit unions to develop member-centric marketing and sales strategies.
  • Supports the development of high-performing, accountable sales organizations.
  • Integrates with the core, facilitating easy adoption of new workflow processes at the front line.
  • Compiles the information credit unions need to enhance their sales cultures.
  • Supports the development of progressive strategies to attract, retain, and expand member relationships.
  • Helps increase credit unions’ performance and profitability.
  • Assimilates easily into credit unions’ day-to-day operations.
  • Provides competitive advantages.

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    Are You Ready? Preparing to Take the MRM Plunge

    Now more than ever, maximizing member loyalty through trusted relationships is critical to growing your credit union. As credit unions strive to improve the member experience at every touch point, management teams are searching for any and all cost-effective tools to help them meet that objective.

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