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Vehicle Pricing Interface™​

KBB, NADA, and Black Book Vehicle Information

Driven by the need to reduce the costly mistyping of vehicle data, credit unions are looking for ways to eliminate the re-entering of information obtained from vehicle pricing websites. For credit unions leaning toward streamlining this manual process, Symitar® offers Vehicle Pricing Interface™ (VPI) – a mechanism for obtaining Kelly Blue Book (KBB), NADA, and Black Book vehicle information from within Episys®.

VPI is a stand-alone application that offers the ability to update or create a loan or application Tracking record with vehicle information and pricing from KBB, NADA, and Black Book. Selected vehicle options are stored in a loan or application note record; and the credit union user is presented with a drop-down box to select the vehicle pricing vendor.

Core compatibility: Episys®

What It Does 

  • Streamlines the process for obtaining vehicle pricing information
  • Eliminates the need to re-enter information obtained from vehicle pricing websites
  • Saves vehicle pricing information to the Episys database in a clean, consistent, and standard format
  • Works with NADA, NADA Other, KBB, Black Book, Black Book Collectible, and Black Book Powersports
  • Integrates with ELA
  • Supports up to three price quotes per application

What It Does For You 

  • Provides access to vehicle pricing information
  • Improves loan officer efficiency
  • Reduces risk of mistyped vehicle data

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