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Know-It-All Credits

Continuing education credit programs

Symitar offers packages of Know-It-All credits good for one year for any Symitar educational offering, including but not limited to classroom courses, WebEx classes, and pre-recorded sessions. You can even use Know-It-All credits for registration at annual user conferences. These packages, available in groups of either 40 or 90 credits, provide up to 33% off our standard per-class rates.

This solution is available to credit unions automated by the Episys® and CruiseNet® platforms.

What It Does

  • Provides 40 or 90 continuing education credits for use during a 12-month period
  • Allows credits to be applied for all available Symitar courses and sponsored seminars at
    annual educational conferences

What It Does For You

  • Provides prepaid continuing education courses discounted by 33 percent off standard rates

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