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Account Number Change™

Update account numbers across an entire database

Account Number Change is a service to help credit unions complete an account number change. This service includes the scripts, system edits, and guidelines a credit union needs to successfully perform an account number change across its database.

This service creates scripts to select or deselect accounts earmarked for change, to generate new account numbers, and to create a file of old and new account numbers. Member letters are created to notify them of what the account number change will entail and when to expect the change. A batch file is created to post
changes to Episys®.

Core compatibility: Episys

What It Does

  • Includes the PowerOn® scripts, edits, and guidelines to perform an account number change across the database.
  • Creates two reports: an Account Number Change Journal for successful changes and an Account Number Change Exceptions for issues requiring resolution.
  • Changes all references from the old account numbers to the new account numbers in records that Episys posting programs use.
    Creates member notification letters.

What It Does For You

  • Delivers all the scripts, edits, and guidelines your credit union needs to successfully perform an account number change.
  • Brings a proven methodology to the account number change process.
  • Relieves your credit union of much of the administrative work around account number changes.

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