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Episys® Refresh

Boost efficiency with a clean, updated database

Episys​ Refresh provides a managed approach to cleaning up the Episys database and taking advantage of the latest enhancements from Symitar®. It results in a clean database and allows a migration to standard processes and modules.

The Episys Refresh service begins with an analysis by a SymAdvisor. The SymAdvisor helps determine whether Episys Refresh is the best solution for you, and if so, evaluates the level of effort required and makes specific recommendations. Then you can choose between two methods of employing Episys Refresh.

Episys Renew uses Symitar’s Implementations team and has a clearly defined project timeline. With this option, the project is completed and all benefits are received in just 12-14 months. Please note that the entire credit union may feel the impact of the project while in progress.

Episys Revitalization uses SymAdvisors and other Symitar staff to complete the project in phases over multiple years. This piece-by-piece option enables you to limit the impact to your staff based on priorities.

Core compatibility: Episys®

What It Does

  • Cleans your Episys database
  • Purges old or unused files
  • Updates functionality and streamlines user privileges
  • Refreshes forms, notices, and reports
  • Updates edit logic for ACH, payroll, and draft edits
  • Enables you to renumber share and loan types

What It Does For You

  • Improves efficiency, accuracy, and service
  • Provides best practices for data handling
  • Improves automation and reduces human error
  • Saves you money


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