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Episys Staff Augmentation Services​​SM

This service enables you to assign a Symitar software engineer to any project in your credit union on a temporary basis. A developer is selected based on the exact skills you need, whether it’s PowerOn®, SymXchangeTM, Episys PowerFrameTM, or another area of expertise. 


There are times when you need a programmer with specialized skills. If, for example, one of your IT staff is away or has left your employ, or if you need an engineer with a specific talent to provide direction to your development team. In these circumstances, Episys Staff Augmentation Services is a perfect solution. 

You decide what type of talent is best for you, and our team will will meet with you and create a custom plan tailored to meet your needs. Your plan can be for virtually any time period, from a few days to several months. 

In addition to knowledge of specific scripts and languages, our software engineers are proficient in the customization and integration of all Episys integrated solutions products, such as Enhanced Loan Application, Symform PDFTM, Enhanced Member Verification, and so on. The software engineer will provide progress reports and documentation for all assigned work. 


In addition to the obvious benefit of getting your project completed, you won’t need to invest the time and cost of hiring and training an in-house developer. Your temporary software engineer will not only have knowledge of Symitar programming issues but will have direct access to all Symitar resources. Your Symitar software engineer will act as both programmer and analyst reducing the need for additional required resources. Our expert can also provide direction and guidance to in- house developers, or free them for other assignments.​ 


  • Supplements your programming resources with a skilled Symitar software engineer 
  • Brings specialized expertise to your internal projects  
  • Fills a temporary gap in your IT staff 
  • Provides direction or training for existing IT staff 


  • Enables you to successfully complete IT projects 
  • Enhances your confidence that a Symitar-related project is done right 
  • Frees your in-house developers to work on other assignments

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