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SoS Advisor

A member education and FFIEC compliance service

A US citizen falls victim to identity fraud every two seconds. Fight back with SoS Advisor. Symitar® understands that member education is a cost-effective fraud prevention tool. Through a strategic partnership with Stickley on Security (SoS), we offer this web-based utility to provide alerts and actionable information.
SoS Advisor makes your website a source of comprehensive security education on topics such as phishing, fraud, identity theft, malware, breaches, and many other scams. It offers continually updated written and video content, including useful suggestions for keeping a member’s financial information secure. The product includes advice tailored to both individual and commercial members. This information is embedded in your site with a single line of code.

What It Does

  • Provides a “ticker” display on your website with security updates and warnings.
  • Offers quick-tip training videos and PSAs.
  • Supports social media postings.
  • Provides monthly written content.
  • Offers optional in-depth member education.

What It Does For You

  • Helps maintain FFIEC compliance.
  • Provides cost-effective fraud reduction.
  • Increases social media presence, driving web traffic and brand recognition.
  • Strengthens member loyalty.
  • Provides simple implementation with a single line of code. 
  • Product Briefs
    SoS Advisor

    A Member Education and FFIEC Compliance Service

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